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The Jadoon (Hindko/Pashto/Urdu: جدون‎), also called Gadoons (Pashto: ګدون‎), is a Pashtun tribe in Pakistan. Horace Rose, an amateur ethnologist and administrator in the British Raj, noted them in 1911 as being present partly in Gadoon in Swabi, and partly in Abbottabad and Haripur districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Across the Durand line, some members of the tribe live in Nangarhar and Kunar in Afghanistan. The Jadoons speak Pashto in Swabi and Afghanistan and Hindko in Abbottabad and Haripur. The Jadoons are subdivided into three clans: Salar, Mansoor and Hassazai.
Jadon of Basian
There are a few houses setuated at Basian, Union Council Birote. Mostly family members were Islamic Scholars in near past. New jadon generation is engaged in business, public, private and foreign employment. Here are a photo coverage of tribe.

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 Basian Central Masque

Basian Old Central Masque

Khateeb u Rehman Jadon house in Basian
Molana Gulam Rabani Jadon
Master Khateeb u Rehaman Jadoon

Molana Saeed
Molana Saeed u Rehman Jadon
 Scholar of Islam and a Poet
Molana Saeed u Rehman Jadon
passes away on 7th May, 2016
Molana Saeed u Rehman Jadon
1st Nimaz e janaza at Koral in Rawalpindi
on 07th May, 2016

Jamil U Rahman Jadoon

Molana Ghulam Mustafa Jadoon
Fakhri Begum Jadoon
The 1st poetess of Circle Bakote
hand written advice to her descendants
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 Tarik Jawaid Jadoon
Elder son of Khateeb u Rahman Jadoon 
Sateled in Dammam, Saudi Arabia since 30 years 
  Tarik Jawaid Jadoon in his office
 Tarik Jawaid Jadoon with his sons
Tariq Jawaid grand daughter & Sons

 Babu Israr Ahmed Jadon
 Molana Tanzil u Rehman Jadon
Author of تذکرہ پیر بکوٹی
 3rd Generation........... Aashir Israr Jadon